In Loving Memory
of Our Brothers & Sisters

Ashleigh Nicole Bruner
January 23, 1984 - October 20, 1996
Dear Ashleigh, Today is your 23rd birthday, and it's so hard to believe. We would definitely be going out to celebrate this year! I hope that you're watching all of us, that you can see us when we read together and cuddle, when we sing our goodnight song, that you're laughing with me at Caden's funny expressions and new words and Cole's crazy questions and wild games and stories. Know that no matter how long it's been, we'll always miss you.
Love Always, Sarah

Heather, You're my best friend even though you have been gone for eight years. I still miss you all the time. When I had Richelle and Tyler I wanted you there so bad. I love you sis.
Your sis, Michelle

Hey Kurt -- We hope you're enjoying your new family too!
I love your granddaughter Taylor and grandson Kaiden so much, and your cute little girl granddaughters Taylor Jane (12) and Brandi (11) by Kathi and Darrell. Everyone's doing fine because of the structure and raising you did. You help me by the stability of your family. I'm here in New York with Purpose (my Build a Bear Carol helped me adope), and my cat Palomino who is so beautiful white furry, and my books have a distributor and I am waiting to see what advance orders the distributor gets. I remember Mommy and Daddy so well -- and how you and I were able to develop into our true selves. I pray for reunion and communion. Love, Judy, Your Only Sister

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