More Pictures of Ashleigh

Ashleigh at Mimi's
Left: Just Being Cute In the Rocker
Right: Getting Into the Cupboards

Ashleigh and I with Great Grandpa Ward

Left: Ashleigh and I at Mimi's
We Don't Want to Go Home!!!
Right: Ashleigh with Her Ever Present "Pluggy"


Ashleigh at Mimi's House:
Left: Nov. 86 - Looks Like a Little Doll, Doesn't She?
Right: Ash with Mimi and Papa's Dog Odie

1990 - Ash Looking Beautiful in Her "Fur" Coat

Mom, Ashleigh, and I at Mimi's

Left: Ashleigh and I in One of Our Matching Outfits
Right: Cuddling Mimi's Bunnies

Ashleigh Loved Santa...Usually From Far Away Though!!
This Is One of the Rare Times She Actually Sat on His Lap

Ashleigh and I Wearing Bandanas
at Our Family Christmas...
I Think We're Doing a Dance

Ashleigh and Her Best Friend, Ruth

This Picture Is Just So....Ashleigh!

Ashleigh, Mom, and I at King's Island in Our Hotel Room