Ashleigh's Favorite Things:

Movies: Pocahontas, Little Mermaid, & Lion King
TV Shows: Sister Sister, Full House
Cartoon: Bobbie's World

Foods: Mom's Homemade Macaroni & Cheese, Hot Dogs & Beans
Flavor of Ice Cream: Vanilla
Song: Adrian by Jewel, Ironic by Alanis Morisette

Book: Duncan and Dolores & Little Critter Books
Toys: Barbies and her American Girl Kirsten Doll
Colors: Purple, Teal, and Blue

Flower: Sunflower
Restaurant: McDonalds, Olive Garden, Pizza Hut, Teels Restaurant in town to "have coffee" with Mimi, and Red Lobster

Games: Candy Land, Pretty Pretty Princess, Guess Who, and Uno
Junk Food: Doritos, Butterfingers, and Reeses Pieces

Things To Do: Rollerblade, Jump on the Trampoline,
Play with Friends and Younger Children
At King's Island: the Merry-Go-Round

Place to Be: Wherever Mom was
Best Friends: Ruth & Shannon & Stephanie

Ashleigh's Least Favorite Things:

She Hated Gym Class.
She Even Told Her Gym Teacher She Had Asthma
So That She Didn't Have to Run the Mile

Homework Was the Worst!!!
She Used to Plug Her Ears and Say,
"I'm Not Listening To You; I Don't Hear What You're Saying!"

Restaurants: TGI Fridays (Too Loud!) & Azar's Big Boy
(She Ordered Spaghetti, and It Came With Chili On Top of the Noodles.
So Mom Had to Pick All the Beans Out of It!)

At King's Island: The Sea Dragon (She Went on It with Us, and the Whole Time She Kept Yelling, "I hate you!")

Foods: Casseroles, Most Meats
Music: Anything Kids Her Age Listened to Normally; She Only Liked What I Listened to: Tori Amos, Jewel, Country, etc.

Person: Tim W. (He Shot Her in the Shoulder with a BB Gun in 2nd grade, and Then He Terrorized Her the Whole Next Year.)
Things to Do: Shopping, Riding in the Car,
Being in One Place Too Long, Sitting Still
Place to Be: Anywhere Mom wasn't

Ashleigh's Hopes and Dreams

She Wanted to See the Movie, "Matilda" That Was Coming Out
She Was Excited About Being in 6th Grade

Ash Couldn't Wait Until the Summer After 6th Grade So That She Could Help Mom's Friend Kim Babysit Every Day and Get Paid

She Wanted to Go Back to the Ocean and See It Again (She Saw It the First Time When Mom, Ashleigh, and I went to Myrtle Beach, SC)

She Wanted to Go to Disney World

She Wanted to Meet Our Little Brother, HD. She Wrote In Her Diary That She Was Going to Be a Big Sister When He Was Born, and That She Would Be Able to Babysit for Him.

Ashleigh Had Wanted To Be A Doctor Since She Was a Little Girl
So That She Could Help Sick Kids

You're Listening to Ashleigh's Favorite Song: Adrian by Jewel