Ashleigh's Dance Recital Pictures

Ashleigh Attended Classes at Deb Collier's School of Dance

Her First Year (Left), She Took Jazz.

Her 2nd Year (Right), She Took Tumbling.
Spring 1992 - 8 Years Old

Ashleigh's 3rd Year of Dance, She Chose to Try Out Tap (Left).

For Her 4th Year, She Went Back to Jazz Again
Spring 1994 - 10 Years Old

Years 5 & 6, Ashleigh Took Jazz.

Left - Her 4th Grade Dance Recital Picture
She Wore This Costume the Next School Year
for Mrs. Kramer's 5th Grade Class Talent Show.

After Her 6th Recital (Right), She Earned a Trophy.
She Was So Proud of Herself!
Spring 1996 - 12 Years Old.

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